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Competent Authority
      The "Government Health Department" in Liechtenstein is the Competent Authority for the migrant physiotherapists application.

Applications should be sent to:
  Amt für Gesundheit
Auelstrasse 51
9490 Vaduz

The Application
  APPLICATION ENCLOSURES   Application should contain the following:

* Evidence of Qualification
* Curriculum Vitae
* Evidence of nationality
* Confirmation by the Applicants

Further requirements
  LANGUAGE APTITUDE TEST RECOGNITION   The migrant has to show a recognised qualification in order to become a member of the Liechtenstein association. Knowledge of the host country's language (German) must be achieved.

Formal procedures, such as aptitude tests/adaptaion periods, have not been established. Liechtenstein has no automatic recognition of applicants from EU countries.

Please contact the Liechtenstein Association for further details.