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Competent Authority
      Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde, I.P. Contact Details. Address: Av. da República, nº 61 Apartado 14052 1064-808 Lisboa Telephone: +351 21 792 55 00 / +35121 317 13 10 / +35121 316 31 39 Fax: +351 21 792 55 67 Email: / Web:

Contact Person: Mme Lúcia Mestre Ministério do Trabalho e da Solidariedade Social Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional Departamento de Formação Profissional Rua de Xabregas, n° 52, 2° P – 1949-003 LISBOA Tel: +351-21-861 45 45 / +35 1 21 861 4100 Fax: +351-21-861 46 08 E-mail: Website:

Applications should be sent to:
  Exmo. Senhor Presidente do Conselho Directivo da Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde, I.P. Av. João Crisóstomo, nº 11 1000-178 LISBOA

The Application
  APPLICATION ENCLOSURES   The request is made through the application to the respective competent authority and should be written in the Portuguese language. Application is available here. The application should be accompanied by: - Photocopy of the diploma; - Document emitted by the competent authority of the Member State of origin or provenance, attesting that the petitioner has all the conditions required by that country to exercise the profession inside their territory. - Photocopy of the Identity Card or Passport; - Studies Plan of the course, emitted by the school (disciplines and workload); - Documents proving professional experience (optional); - Payment in the value of € 50, that can be paid by means of check or mail voucher in name of the Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde, IP; - The documents should be delivered translated into Portuguese by an official entity.

Further requirements
  LANGUAGE APTITUDE TEST RECOGNITION   In the course of the professional qualifications recognition procedure, the competent authority verifies if the petitioner possess the knowledge of the necessary Portuguese language for the exercise of the profession in cause.