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Competent Authority
      Competent Authority: Kodakondsus – ja Migratsiooniamet (Citizenship and Migration Board) Contact Details. Address: Endla 13, Tallinn, Estonia 15179 Contact Person: unspecified, according to different fields Telephone: +372 666 27 22 Fax: +372 666 27 21 Email: Web:

Applications should be sent to:
  Postal address for submission of applications:
Citizenship and Migration Board
Sőle 61a

The Application
  APPLICATION ENCLOSURES   A residence permit for employment grants an alien the right to stay in Estonia for the purpose of employment according to the conditions determined by the residence permit. Documents for an alien:

a. A standard application form
b. An application form “Application for issue or extension of temporary residence permit”
c. The additional form “Data concerning close relatives, spouse, family members and dependants”
d. The employer`s confirmation that he/she will employ the alien bearing the consent of the Estonian Umemployment Insurance Fund (additional form)
e. The applicant presents an explanation in writing about why he/she desires to work in Estonian
f. A standard Curriculum Vitae
g. An identity document of an applicant
h. A coloured photo sized 40 x 50 mm
i. A document certifying the payment of the state fee

An alien who applies for the issue or extension of a residence permit for employment without the consent of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, without a public competition and without the fulfilment of the salary criterion must submit additionally the following documents or data:

• clergymen, nuns and monks – invitation by a religious association;
• aliens who have the right, proceeding from international agreement, to work in Estonia without a work permit – data on the international agreement which provides the basis for employment in Estonia;
• journalists accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – a document certifying the accreditation given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• aliens who work in a performing arts institution as persons engaged in creative activities – documents or data which certify the applicants qualifications or experience;
• aliens who come to carry out scientific research in Estonia – documents or data which certify the qualifications of an alien and a copy of the hosting agreement concluded between the relevant research institution and the alien;
• aliens who come to Estonia to work as members of the management body of a legal entity registered in Estonia in order to perform managerial or supervisory functions – a confirmation of the relevant legal entity (employer’s confirmation);
• sportsmen, coaches, referees or sports officials for professional activities – a confirmation from a respective sports federation and employer;
• posted workers – an employment contract concluded in a foreign country and documents certifying the assignment abroad;
• teachers and academic staff to work in an educational institution which complies with the requirements established by the relevant national legislation – an invitation from the educational institution;

An alien may be granted a residence permit for employment without the consent of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and without public competition but by fulfilling the salary criterion for working as an expert, advisor or consultant. Upon application for a residence permit an alien must additionally submit a document certifying his/her qualifications.

Documents added to an application which are issued abroad must be translated either into Estonian, Russian or English and the authenticity of the translation must be certified by a notary. Documents issued abroad must be legalised or confirmed by a certificate (apostille), unless otherwise stipulated by an international agreement.

On August 1, 2006 the new Citizen of European Union Act entered into force which changed the terms for settling in
Estonia of citizens of member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation (hereinafter “EU citizens”) and their family members who are citizens of third countries and the procedures necessary for it.

Upon the application for an identity card the following documents must be submitted to the CMB:

• a standard application form (you do not have to complete the application form before you come to the customer service of the CMB);
• an identity document of the applicant;
• a coloured photo sized 40x50 mm;
• a document certifying the payment of the state fee.

Further requirements
  LANGUAGE APTITUDE TEST RECOGNITION   No special requirements for Language test