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Competent Authority
      Competent Authority: Ministry of Health–Department of Health Professions Contact Details. Address: Aristotelous 17, 104 33, Athens, Greece Contact Person: Telephone: +30-210 5235875 Fax: +30-210 5237651 Email:

Applications should be sent to:
  Ministry of Health–Department of Health Professions

The Application
  APPLICATION ENCLOSURES   Migrants should provide evidence of recognised physiotherapy training and work experience.
Application should contain the following:
* Evidence of Qualification (recognised physiotherapy degree/diploma, state recognition of profession).
* Complete academic transcript of your physiotherapy qualifications from your educational institution, to include the subjects taken, hours spent and marks obtained (syllabus)
* Post-qualification work experience
* Knowledge of the Greek language, written and spoken (language test)
* Curriculum Vitae
* Evidence of nationality
* Confirmation by the Applicants
* Name of Competent or other National Authority
* Certificate of Good Conduct, issued by the police or respective authority in your home country

Further requirements
  LANGUAGE APTITUDE TEST RECOGNITION   There should also be a firm offer of employment in Greece and work permits should be obtained from the Ministry of Work and the Ministry of Health specifying physiotherapy.
The Panhellenic Physiotherapists Association is the regulating Body for recognition of applicants from other EU countries according to the Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications 2005/36/EC, and successful applicants should register with the Association. There are 54 different Health Authorities in Greece, corresponding to each of its Prefectures. Subsequently, registration with the respective Health Authority corresponding to the Prefecture the migrant wishes to seek employment is required. The Ministry of Health-Department of Health Professions can provide the details of all Health Authorities, upon request of the applicant.
Adaptation periods may be applied in the framework of the Directive 2005/36/EC, but no aptitude tests are required.
Knowledge in the Greek language is desirable and must in some
cases be achieved (please consult with the Ministry of Health).
The migrant does not have to serve any special conditions in order to become a member of the Panhellenic Physiotherapists Association.
Please contact the Panhellenic Physiotherapists Association for any further details.

Please contact the Greek Association for further details.