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On 19 December 2011, the Commission adopted a proposal for modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive (Directive 2005/36/EC). The proposal aims at simplifying rules for the mobility of professionals within the EU by offering a "European professional card" to all interested professions, allowing for easier and faster recognition of qualifications. It will also help consumers, by inviting Member States to review the scope of their regulated professions and by addressing public concerns about language skills and the lack of effective alerts about professional malpractice, notably in the health sector.

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Professional Card Case study and Single Market Forum in Poland

The ER-WCPT has continued working on the Physiotherapy case study for a European Professional Card. This card is related to the Directive on Recognition on Professional Qualifications and its aim is to facilitate the migration procedures in Europe. The ER-WCPT is working on this project with the EU Commission, DG Internal Market, and national authorities from the following countries: Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Poland and UK.

The case study will be presented in an event entitled “Single Market Forum” in Cracow, Poland on 2-4 October 2011. The Polish Presidency of the EU would host the forum. The 1st Vice Chairman will participate on behalf of the ER-WCPT.

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Health priorities in the Europe 2020 strategy

The Europe 2020 strategy is the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade. In the field of health, it aims to ensure better health for EU citizens, including healthy ageing, health at work and tackling health inequalities.


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